Website Installer

Start your web site with a simple click

Setting up your site is a breeze with the swift, 1–click Simple Site Installer. No setup is necessary, zero web site design skills are necessary at all. Just pick out the kind of site you would like – personal or business, along with a site theme of your preference. After that push the Install button and your brand new website will be online in a jiffy. Go to the Website Installer within the XL Web Hosting Hosting Control Panel.

Free Templates

Over 100 free–of–charge WordPress and Joomla site skins to choose from

It is possible to download a Wordpress or Joomla template with a single mouse click from your Hosting Control Panel. There’s no need to go to any third–party websites for top–notch web page themes. We have a rich selection for you readily incorporated into your hosting account. Simply select the web design template of your choosing and push the Download button. All web design layouts are absolutly free of charge for you.

Website Builder

Create your business or personal web site with a single click

Going online is now unbelievably easy with the Site Creating Tool accessible from the your Hosting Control Panel. Simply pick a template from our selection of over one hundred business and personal design themes and then add all your site content (photographs, textual content, etcetera) with just a mouse click. To bring your website online, simply click the Publish button. It is that simple. You may use the builder for all the domains in your web hosting account.

Enhanced Service Stability and Security

Don’t worry about your sites hosted on our cloud platform

We’ve created our very own web hosting system where performance reliability is a number–one priority. Given the fact that the server load is uniformly distributed between several physical servers, your sites will keep loading unbelievably fast even if the web hosting server is overloaded. This also implies that the hosting platform is far less vulnerable to hacker or DDoS assaults.

Service Scalability

A cloud hosting service that can meet your demands

Our web hosting platform is completely scalable, which implies that you can benefit from its resources even if the hosting server is under stress or maintenance. As all important services are taken care of a number of servers rather than just one, you’ll also enjoy much quicker website load speeds and a guaranteed stability of performance. Furthermore, you are able to further improve your pack with additional hard disk storage space, monthly bandwidth, MySQL database storage space, CPU utilization, etcetera. allowances, or upgrade to a more powerful web hosting plan at any time.

30–Day Money–Back Guarantee

Not satisfied with your site’s loading speed? Ask for a full refund.

We’re doing our very best to offer a topflight hosting service to you. A whole new web hosting system, a selection of enterprise–class Datacenter Facilities and a set of Web Site Accelerator Programs will ensure the very best loading speeds for all your sites. Nevertheless, if you’re not satisfied with our web hosting services, you can request your money back within the first month of your subscription.

Faster Performance

Our brand new cloud hosting platform warrants a significantly faster overall performance for your web sites.

Bandwidth has been boosted to 10 Gbit/s for the sake of better online connectivity and much faster web site loading speeds. Spare physical machines have been added, so as to make more efficient server maintenance duties and to decrease service disruptions and network downtimes. All user accounts have been transferred to solid–state disks, which are considerably faster and more reliable than the normal HDDs.


A safe web application firewall

We offer an instant way of shielding every web application in your cloud web hosting account, no matter if it’s freshly installed or has been transferred from a different hosting vendor. All our web hosting packs include ModSecurity – a web application firewall software, which is enabled automatically. We have configured it to automatically hinder most hack assaults. This means that as soon as you host your web site with us, it’ll be safer than ever before.

Web Accelerators

A number of software tools to increase the speed of your web sites

Handily integrated in the Hosting Control Panel you will find quite a few Web Site Accelerator Programs aimed at speeding up your dynamic, database–powered websites. By caching content, these software tools significantly decrease the number of times a database is referred to and thus decrease the server load. This helps all your web sites open faster and it will decrease the bounce rates. You will be able to choose from among three website accelerators – Varnish, Node.js and Memcached.

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