You can find lots of web hosting suppliers on the market, yet the majority of them are resellers who have limited resources, especially in terms of support. A good way to distinguish them is the option to get in touch with the company by phone. The type of support that you'll receive through this way of communication will vary depending on the service provider - some provide you with experienced phone support, various others offer basic and customer support only since some matters are more time-consuming and it would be easier to be resolved through a support ticket, particularly if the situation has to be escalated. Still, it's good to know that you can always get in touch with your web hosting supplier as there're tons of small matters that can be resolved effortlessly and in a very timely manner with a call, not mentioning that you are able to get additional information regarding the services even before you become a client.

Phone Support in Web Hosting

All our web hosting packages come with phone support fourteen hrs per day even on public holidays, so that if you do not have an account yet, you can phone us and learn more about our services or if we'll meet the system requirements for your websites. For your benefit, we have local telephone lines in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia, so you are able to contact the number which is closer to you. In case you're a current customer, we will assist you timely with any general and billing matters and with a number of tech matters to save you time and efforts - we acknowledge the fact that sometimes it is quicker to speak with a live person to get things done promptly. Of course, some problems simply cannot be taken care of on the phone, so in such a case you will have to employ our ticketing system.

Phone Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We provide live telephone support 14 hrs daily as a part of the support services for every single semi-dedicated server plan that we offer. Due to the fact that some issues are more difficult and time-consuming, you may need to open a ticket in case you come across such an issue, still for all of the general, billing or small-scale technical issues you can always call us and we'll help you in a timely manner to save you the time you'll need to spend on creating a support ticket. Even if you don't have an account yet, you'll be able to find out if you can host your websites on our top-notch cloud platform or you will be able to receive any other general info on our semi-dedicated services. We have local phone numbers in the United States of America, Great Britain and Australia along with an international number, so you'll be able to call the one which is closer to where you live.