In the XL Web Hosting Hosting Control Panel you’ll find a user friendly Website Builder tool, that can be used to design your brand new web site. XL Web Hosting’s Website Builder offers more than a hundred completely unique web themes, found in numerous color patterns, that you could customize to your preferences. To make a brand new web site, you won’t need to learn HTML, PHP, CSS or some other programming language. All you need to understand is how to utilize the simple point–and–click manager of the Web–site Builder. You can use it to instantly generate completely new web pages, revise their contents, insert different elements to your website and much more.

An Easy–to–use Site Builder

No encoding working experience is called for

If you use an application to produce your site, it’s vital that the tool is simple to employ. This is exactly why, we included the Website Builder directly into the Hosting Control Panel. it is extremely user–friendly and will allow you to create your site with merely a mouse click.

You can create webpages, manage their layout and also bring completely new components with a user–friendly manager. If you have ever made use of a CMS, a web app or perhaps a text editing application, you’ll already know how to employ XL Web Hosting’s Site Builder.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Different Website Templates

More than a hundred layout templates at hand

The Website Builder tool contains an array of over a hundred distinct site templates. They are made to address the most famous forms websites – blogs, private sites, portfolios, online stores etc. All of our entirely free templates will come with many coloring alternatives as well as two distinct layout varieties.

At any time, you can quickly change the theme of your web site with an all new one, or modify the coloring pattern. All the pages you’ve constructed are going to be saved and your website is going to be upgraded with the design in minutes.

Multiple Website Templates

Step–by–step Video Lessons

See how uncomplicated it is actually to generate a website

Our Web Site builder is without doubt easy to navigate, nevertheless, to get the most of the application, you’ll need some guidance and training. To let you receive the ideal results, we’ve geared up a few video lessons focused on the different characteristics offered by Site Studio.

The video lessons will enable you to far better learn how to make use of the site application.

Video Tutorials